I’ve Always Been a Writer

I still remember the first time I wrote a story. It was in 2nd grade and we had just finished reading a book called Frog and Toad Are Friends by Arnold Lobel. The teacher instructed us to create our own adventure for Frog and Toad and the story I wrote was so long that she offered to type it up for me so I could illustrate it properly. I think I still have it somewhere, buried away in a box labeled “Katie’s School Stuff.” I don’t have to dig it up to remember the exhilaration I felt at creating a story of my own (though I’m not going to lie, the illustrations were terrible.)

Putting words to the page has been a lifelong adventure for me. Notebooks were filled ramblings of my imagination year after year. I never went anywhere without paper and pen. I still don’t, though paper and pen have been replaced by iPad and keyboard with a side of coffee.

There is something about getting lost in minds and actions of a character and a good story that puts a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart. I grew up wanting to be a writer, and here I am.

For a long time, I kept my writing as distant from real life as possible, writing stories of princes and castles that were a far cry from my every day reality. I created worlds purely by imagination so no one could read them and judge me for my perspectives. I was afraid to truly put myself into my stories, and while I wouldn’t be opposed to being carried off by some fairy tale hunk, I certainly wasn’t going to write anything with me as the main character.

I am not sure at what point it happened, but I came to a realization that it is okay to pull ideas from real life. I still wouldn’t write myself into a story, but I am more than happy to write about a place that I visited as a kid, or how it felt to get my first kiss.  I used to fight tooth and nail to avoid writing anything about myself (seriously, ask my high school English teacher)  and yet here I am, writing a blog. Who would have thought.

Reminiscing aside, I want to welcome you to my page and I hope that you find as much joy in reading my thoughts and stories as I enjoy writing them.  I have discovered over the years is that I LOVE to talk about my writing. This page gives me an outlet for that. Here you will meet characters, share in their adventures, and hopefully in mine as I finally sit down and get these stories out of my head and onto the page.

Until next time,


A photo given to me at my high school graduation with a note scribbled on the back: “We knew you when.”


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