Works in Progress


99 years ago, Owen Alford’s life ended at the hands of a ghost. Now, the conclusion of his own term as Watcher draws near. Just commit the murder that will condemn one human soul to a century of ghosthood and he can go home to Oblivion.
When Owen fails to deliver the fatal blow, living, breathing Jera Brande walks right into Edondale Manor, and Owen’s life is turned upside down. Both in search of escape, Jera and Owen form an unlikely friendship transcending the planes of the living and dead. But as Owen’s deadline draws near, The Raven delivers the final order and Owen must make a choice. Can Jera and he defeat The Raven? Or will he be forced to take her life?


Jenna Raynes just moved to Elbin with her mother. She was less then thrilled with the idea, especially having already started her senior year in high school back home. When she manages to paint a target on her back on the first day in her new school, things get complicated. Between the disgusting bully Gruntz, blue-eyed and attractive Cory, and tormented old Mrs. Stokely, Jenna manages to get herself tangled in a web of old town politics and gossip that make her want to run in the other direction. Not that she was going to. A persistent sense of loyalty to Mrs. Stokely draws her into a war, not only with the students in her school, but with the gossip-mongering adults as well. She will do everything in her power to put a stop to the unfair shunning of Mrs. Stokely, though the consequences may be more than she is prepared to handle.


Three years ago, the Taryn’s life as she knew it was destroyed. It was all she could do to start over and forget the horrors of her past as she made her new home in a distant village. But Taryn’s brittle sense of peace is short-lived. King Roen has renewed his search for the last remaining Teagan descendant, the only one who can bring magic back to the kingdom of Reseda. And this time, he is not alone.

When Taryn’s lost heritage is revealed to her by a hooded stranger, the nightmares of her past becomes the present, and she is left with a choice that could forever shape the future of Reseda.


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