Owen Alford is a ghost, or more accurately a Watcher, condemned to 99 years of servitude at Edondale Manor, a gateway to the other side. His job is simple: master the stages of Solidity and effectively keep the living from taking over the manor. But Owen has never embraced the life of a Watcher, mastering only what he needs to keep intruders away. Before long he will have to pick his predecessor, kill them, and finally pass on to the oblivion where he should have ended up in the first place.

Enter Jerra Brande –  a living, breathing human who comes to the manor not to cause trouble like the rest, but seeking sanctuary from the horrors of her own life. Desperate to connect to Jerra, Owen finally seeks to master Solidity. Trouble comes when The Raven realizes Owen has neglected his duties and the kill order for Owen’s replacement is delivered. However, it is an order Owen may not be able to follow.


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